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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Some here refused to admit that Florida went blue two days ago; they parade their color in the desperation like that of a Russian countess in a dingy Parisian attic keeping a picture of the Tsar next to an icon in the dashed hope he will return and bring her glory back. I have to thank the residents of Florida for 1). Doing the right thing, 2). Not messing it up and making a fool of us again, and 3). Allowing me to look someone in the eye again when they ask where I live.

And, then there is Governor Charlie Christ, a well-like Republican who remains a bit of an enigma. After years of political manipulation by the sow-like brother of the thankfully outgoing George Bush, any normal man might appear mysterious. But Governor Christ did something which was amazing to me. In light of the overwhelming numbers of Floridians trying to vote he extended early voting by three hours a day, to twelve. When the Republicans moaned about it (only they would want to limit voting, of course), Christ said that he was not doing it for the Republicans or the Democrats, "I'm doing it for the people." Now, that's something you don't hear very often. I thank him too.

Now we've all awakened from the all-night parties and dancing on table tops. What next? I'm sure we'll all be regrouping this weekend with the tireless Thomas Barker; in his mind there is never time to rest, there's always another mission, and always another party.

I suppose I should get back on the track of recording the beauty of the town in which I live (in between the political crusades of Barker). November weather is perfect with its cool mornings and warm, dry afternoons; you can actually wear a jacket and not feel faint. The downside of this, of course, is that there isn't a constant parade of Speedo-clay boys to keep the town aflutter.

Sometimes, though, just a set of brown eyes and an alluring smirk is all the beauty you need to flutter.


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