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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Red must be the new pink this year. Leopoldo gave me an early present this week of a pair of Prada, velvet pants with a Prada red shirt; then he followed it up with two, more red shirts. I've always been a sort of blue-shirt person; it's something that works well with the eyes. I do NOT, however, believe that you can wear red in the early afternoon; I questioned the thinking of this woman.

I must admit to being bored enough this afternoon to provoking Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish today; I texted her "Oink, oink" just when I knew her carriage was taking her back to The Beach. She bit and called, trying to pretend to be appalled. "How could you upset me like that?!", she bellowed. "Well, Mamie," I replied, "I just wanted you to be upset enough to either lose your appetite or turn to drink. That is a Win-Win Situation." She is a doll.

On our way--and, I'm getting tired of biking at 7 in the morning--to the gym, we went on our usual trip across the lovely promenade created along the 23rd Street canal to the David Barton Gym. Today, I noticed a marked increase of the people sleeping in that park spreading along the canal. Yes, it is winter in Miani, but you see this everywhere. Everyone chides me as being a Cassandra, so I won't go on.

I noticed today that--as I did some light gardening--the temperature was a little too high at about 80; I was sweating and mumbling that it seemed only two weeks ago that I was compaining about the bone-chilling 50 degree weather. It's hard to be content.


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