"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WMD of the Domestic Kind

The new regimen continues: out of bed by 6.30 AM, to the gym by 7.30, out by 9 and at the helm of my ship of projects by 9.30. Mr. Astor is a cruel trainer, even when I cry out for mercy. My arms have joined the revolt led by my legs.

Of course, I am not without my own Weapons of Mass Discomfort; today I relegated him to one egg, one slice of toast (with butter, though), and one large glass of orange juice. This quite a deviation from his usual banquet, and I could see the pain on his face as the meager portion was served on a purposely large plate. (I am all for suffering for an end, but I'm not going down alone.) Supper will hold more surprises for him.

After the nightmarish voting in Florida during the 2000 election with punch cards and the suspicious no-paper-trail electronic voting of 2004, this year's seemed to run about as smoothly as a corrupt Southern state could, but it did have some quirks. The election of commissioner in Opa Locka, a particularly sad part of Miami-Dade, lead to a recount with the incumbent, Rose Tydus, winning over her opponent, Gail Miller, by one vote. What makes this of particular political interest was that Miller'a mother lost the 1986 mayoral race by one vote. It doesn't get much stranger than at the voting booths of Miami.


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