"the" Mrs. Astor

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Miss Vickie sent me this wonderful image of Mr. Big Stuff, himself, KiKi.
And, speaking of "two-fers", we managed to hit the Christmas parties of both The 11th Street Diner and the neighboring, Twist (we snubbed what was bound to be a tragic event at The Palace). I don't know which one had more freaks, but--in a world where freaks detract from the news of CNBC--both were extremely enjoyable. The ten nights before Christmas Eve are a circus of open bars which lead into the week after the 25th during which "season" officially begins. That week leads into the all-encompassing worry about where the best New Year's Eve will be held. It is our humble thinking that this will be at The Raleigh Hotel where Suzanne Bartsch will host a burlesque party. She called me on Monday to say that she is bringing an entire troop of freaks down from New York.
Ah...there we go again with freaks.


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