"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I thought I would drift aimlessly away from the nonsense I live in.

Like. I thought someone....anyone should be reminded that Afganistan has NEVER been ruled by foreign powers; the Britsh couldn't do it, the the Russians--next door--couldn't do it, and Alexander the Great just thought it was better to put the entire population to death. Still, we are there; so--you know what--let the politicians waste natioanl treasury on it. I'm sure only the stupid, poor people will pay as usual.
On a lighter note, The Baroness Seitzinger is busy decorating for Christmas in the same manner she leads her shallow life: nearly embarrassing Polite Society by her taste. Mrs. Styuvesant-Fish hasn't been able to be revived since seeing this photo, but--then--she hasn't had a Cuban feeding her a quesadilla in two days. We will all dutifully attend her grand showing--with smelling salts.


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