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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On Sunday we celebrated Henrietta's fiftieth anniversary of arriving and going in drag on Miami Beach. As usual the spread was astounding: twelve trays of food and pastries, all made by The Queen, herself. Actually we had all been out at Twist until four in the morning, but Henrietta got up at 6 AM to cook. She prepared food for two hundred people and still pulled it off while looking lovely.
Wearing one of her tiaras and a new, diamond necklace, Henrietta looked radiant.
A City proclamation declaring "Recognition" of Henrietta as an important asset to the town, was read on the part of Mayor Bower and The Commission.
After the private reading, Tiffany read the City proclamation outside to the adoring crowd. God bless them both.
On Monday, after a great lunch on Lincoln Road with Carl and Leo, we hooked up with my buddies from the hey-days of New York night life, Tina Paul and Ahrlene Ayalin, when we two of the few photographers allowed into the deepest, darkest gutter clubs of that city. My favorite remark was made from Tina to Leopoldo when she told him about meeting me "....when he lived in a penthouse and had a pig running around." (That was Peggy The Pig, a great story that still needs to be told.)
And, again, Henrietta looked great--even for an afternoon outfit, she wore a superb cameo she inherited from an aunt. Thank God I had Tuesday and Wednesday off this week in order to recover and repair from the weekend.

Coming up: Steven Stewart's birthday party at Twist on Friday, Leopoldo's birthday at Twist on Saturday, June 25, and Twist's own 18th anniversary party of Wed., the 29th. There was a time when everything calmed down after Memorial Day. In order to survive, you have to well-plan the times of rest in between this madness.


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