"the" Mrs. Astor

Friday, July 01, 2011

All roads lead to Rome; on Wednesday night Rome was--as usual--Twist, which was celebrating its eighteenth, yes eighteenth, anniversary with Gladiatorial drag queen fights, mock naval battles, and even some Christians eaten (willingly) . While carriages, chariots, and limos lined up outside, The Queen of South Beach, Henrietta, immediately, hooked up with Twist owner, Emperor Richard Trainor. We couldn't stay long--although long enough to show off her sequined, laced, and fringed dress along with an enough diamonds to rival that of the Duchess of Windsor--but, when we left at two, mobs of South Beach diplomats and elegant riff-raff were piling in. Only if we didn't have to work the next day; it might have been like last weekend. Oh, no; what am I thinking; those days are gone.


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