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Friday, June 22, 2012

Our good friend, Carl was just appointed Chief of Staff to The Mayor, Matti Bower.  Most would say this is about five years too late, considering how hard he worked to get her elected.  It is--in any respect--good to have another ear in City Hall.  Of course, being selected in a position like this is like being rescued at sea by The Titanic a few days before the big cube.

City Hall, always a caldron of corruption, has spilled over.  Since this has been open knowledge for as long as records have been kept here in The Twenties, it seemed as if nothing would ever change, that is before the F.B.I. knocked on the door and swooped up a gaggle of department heads, managers, and workers in bribe schemes....and there are more to come.  Add to this the trigger-happy police department and the internal probe there, the out-of-this-world salary and retirement plans, and any sane person would wonder how we go on.  The answer is that there is so much money on this tiny island of 80,000 full-time that everyone has their hands in it.

Anyway, good luck Carl; if I had a car you'd be the first I'd go to to have it fixed.


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