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Friday, December 09, 2005

Black Girl Down

You have to be ready for anything when black drag queens try to out do each other. Every Saturday Miss Tiffany and her girlfriend, Sasha, battle it inside and out for the affection of the audience and, of course, the tips. During one benefit for another entertainer, I personally witnessed Miss Tiffany pull--and I mean PULL--in over $400 from our customers. She's a trooper.

So when, this past Saturday, I heard someone yell, "Look she's down!" I immediately rushed to see the statuesque Miss Tiffany on her back on the sidewalk. Terms like "Liability Lawsuit" rushed through my head, yet she was still singing. It turned out that Tiffany was just doing her Witney Houston on Crack routine, and this was evidence to me that I am just not up on the latest pop culture. Sasha was right there (those are her feet in the silver, opened-toed slingbacks, not mine) and maybe she, too, thought (wished) Tiffany had taken The Big Fall. I walked back up the stairs and turned. Insurance claims no longer troubled me.


At 5:37 PM, Blogger that matt guy said...

well at least she wasn't doing huge lines of an enormous pile of "coke" off of a silver platter like a friend of mine up here does. I'm sure the cops there would have made an arrest only to snort the evidence (aka powdered sugar).


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