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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

FLASH....Breaking News

Legendary singer, actress, and inventor of crop circles, Lahoma van Zandt, is indeed coming out of retirement as has been rumored for some time. The famed performer has long been a recluse in her New York City apartment and is only occasionally seen, yelling at passing children or rifling through neighbors' mail.

According to The Village Voice's nightlife columnist, Michael Musto,

"You want sex on a stick? Blacktress RUPAUL is doing a movie as her old Star Booty character, and I hear drag legend LAHOMA's come out of "vacation" to be part of it. (Says Lahoma, "How could I ever turn down a hooker role where I get to flag down cars in terrible wigs with my ass hanging out?")"

I was blessed with copies of the orginal Star Booty videos when I used to hang out at Ru and Lahoma's brownstone at 5 Ninth Ave. We used it as a sort of after hours movie reviewing venue/drug den/meet new and exciting people at 6am place. Star Booty, The Movie was inevitable and my guess is that The World of Wonder might be behind it.

The photo above of Michael and Lahoma was taken at the notorious Mars nightclub in the meatpacking district; four floors and a roof of madness and depravity of every sort. My type of place at the time.


At 7:19 PM, Blogger that matt guy said...

oh oh oh, I was just reading about that. I saw her posing with Ru and Michael Lucas this week in a picture just moments ago. I can't wait to see that...

oh and it's such an honor to be listed...thank you so much!! ;-)


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