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Monday, August 24, 2009

Speaking of Mr. Clucky, this was to be an important week with a face-to-face meeting with Mayor Matti Bower. Nefarious forces appear to be in action as Mr. Clucky's website has gone down as of last night. This weekend I sent the mayor an email reading this: "Madame Mayor, as you well know, the Mr. Clucky flap has generated a great deal of publicity. Although publicity is the life blood of Miami Beach, this situation is now in a position of going either way. It might become a publicity dream demonstrating how this town thrives on being open, inclusive, and eclectic; or, it will become a publicity nightmare. The greater number of this town's residents own pets, and you know how passionate they can be. And, I know that Mr. Clucky lost the first round with his battle with The Commission. But, knowing what this town strives to be for everyone living and visiting here, I present the following thought: Imagine the praise you, as The People's Mayor, would be inundated with, if you granted Mr. Clucky honorary citizenship in The City of Miami Beach." I left it that simple; I can even imagine Mr. Clucky being given the keys to the city. But, what do I know?


At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Thomas Barker said...

I love having Mr. Clucky... But I also don't live next to his house, and I hear he likes to cockadoodledo a little too loud in the early morning. Now, the only reason anyone should be up that early is if you have a hot man lying next to with the intention of doing something naughty...

I'm just say'n =)

At 12:17 AM, Blogger "the" Mrs. Astor said...

And, yet...I hear that he is kept in a "quiet space" until 7 AM. Hey, in the end, Mr. Clucky can stay with me. I don't know ANYONE who would object to that; my neighbors are still up at 6.


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