"the" Mrs. Astor

Monday, September 07, 2009

Life for the two of us has returned to nomal, whatever that means. Mr. Astor went back to work at the store and I went back to the garden. It's hot as Hell today.
But we had a deliriously fun time at Alan and Darren's pool luncheon at The Tides yesterday.
Miss Tiffany, here as Henry, made a celebrity appearance, but we didn't have any shows this time. It was enough just keeping up with the constant arrivals of food and drink to watch a show.

Henrietta told many, many stories, familiar ones about her uncle and his relationship with Meyer Lansky and new ones about the gay "caberets" that dotted the town in the sixties, a time when it was illegal for two men to hold hands. She, of course, had protection and there were times when a club was raided, but she was driven home by the police captain. Power has privileges.

And, our delightful new friends from Berlin were able to pop in, too. Those girls are too much.


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