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Saturday, September 19, 2009

We finally hired a new gardener yesterday, and not a moment too soon. In my never-ending battle with Nature, Nature was winning. Not the least of my mistakes was climbing the White Bird of Paradise tree to saw off a sad-looking limb. As I began sawing I noticed tens of thousands of tiny, translucent bugs swarming out of the tree and then all over me. It was like a horror movie. I jumped down, threw my phone on the grass and jumped into the pool, removing everything in the water. I was fishing out sunglasses, shoes, and many other items later (after a long shower).

But the best event this week was Twist's yearly Turnabout Night where all employees must "turn" and dress in drag. Sadly, I disappointed the owners by not dressing this year.
The first superstar we ran into was the notorious Peraldine, or Thomas Barker as he usually is known.
I just love tables of drag couples; it's so Wiemar Republic.

I was looking for our friend Karloz, but could only find this beauty behind his bar.

I wouldn't want to run into this girl in a dark alley.

And, to our great surprise, none other that that old scoundrel, Karl, showed up fresh off a flight from Puerto Vallarta. He's started after hours at his bar there and is eager for season to start again (amen to that). Twist still hosts the best parties in town.


At 12:16 AM, Blogger Tosca15 said...

Thomas continues to be so beautiful in drag!


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