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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It has taken a year, but the stress on the major hotels here is beginning to show. Only two years old, the Gansevoort Hotel (its roof pool area is above) is going into a bankruptcy auction and the Sagamore has reached out to the Playboy Empire to save it as "The Art Hotel" finds itself three months behind in its mortgage payments. In the past five years, there was an orgy of development and renovation, but only for the high-end. Hotels that used to cater to students and middle class visitors were eagerly turned into "boutique" condo/hotels. The City fully supported anything that would keep those rowdy people out of The Riviera of America. Then, one day, the Grim Hotel Reaper knocked on the door and informed the greedy that there weren't enough people willing or able to pay $350 and up a night and some would have to die. Along with them would go the stores and restaurants that relied on the same, seemingly endless, crowds of wealthy fun-seekers.
The Tides, I am assured tonight by Dr. Alan, is doing fine, which is a relief; I would miss those crazy pool parties he gives there. And, a word to the wise at those parties: Never tell a seven foot tall Amazon drag queen that a dress like that makes him think that someone must be missing a pair of draperies in Hialeah.
There are still much to smile about; and you can add The Twelve Gays of Christmas to them.


At 10:35 PM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

Please tell me the Hotel Victor will survive :)

If Tiffany wants to dress in Tara's draperies, well....who would dare to tell her she wasn't in fashion?


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