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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Removed from dog fortunes and business torched earth theories, I can now happily say that the second, special edition of Henrietta, The Queen of South Beach book I published is printed and on it's way. My theory was to keep it very simple and very exclusive: Only fifty copies, numbered, initialled by me, and personally autographed by Henrietta will be offered. This edition includes "the early years", and is the only collection of photos from the late Fifties through the Eighties that have ever been released to the public, the adoring public. It is one of my great desires come true: To publish the photos I have taken of the great lady along with personal ones from her private collection. There has been some early maneuvering for copies already (we have orders from Great Britain, Germany, and Australia, already), which tickles both our hearts; we are not out to make a fortune from this, just make it as special for all of us. We initially thought a price of $75.00 would be fair, but I won out by charging $69.00, the age she will celebrate this March. I think all these little things add to the fun.


At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Michael Phelps said...

Good Morning Alexis, (nee The Mrs. Astor),

It was a pleasure meeting you for the second time. I appreciate your interest in my books (wish I could have given you a complimentary copy of each - but, I am not allowed to - since all the promo copies have been given).

Now, you have my interest in "HENRIETTA"! The subject is certainly worth reading, and the fact you have so keenly made them a LIMITED EDITION, will make them far more valuable.

Please advise how I may place my order.

With Best wishes,

Michael Phelps
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The Jockey's Justice
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