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Friday, May 07, 2010

Well, I have enjoyed a two-week period of being removed from most of life here. It has been also a period of sobriety. This doesn't mean I stopped drinking as much as it means I stopped getting drunk. Firstly, I stopped--cold turkey--all the pain pills; how easy it became to take a pill in order to feel like going out. So, I stopped the pill and the vodka and drifted into the world of wine and beer; this was fine but for the fact that I saw all my very close friends making absolute fools of themselves while I sipped away. We did celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a 48-hour marathon as only befitting a society woman dating the most popular Mexican on The Beach. I would be fooling no one if I maintained that I didn't have some Mexican in me.
The annual Cinco de Mayo block party in front of El Rancho Grande began, here, as six PM and ended up...
...being this at midnight. We had attended Score's party the night before where we were dancing to Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" when it ended and a five-piece mariachi band came out. It was surreal.

On Wednesday night, we attended Twist's Cinco de Mayo party; some people can't get enough of Lady GaGa.

We met one of the lovely ladies of the night on a staircase at Twist.
It is a bittersweet weekend here as it is the last one that Terry will be here. His staying all winter brought us to great times; now he and Bob will go to Europe for the rest of the month. This will not happen--of course--without a party, and that will be this weekend. Tomorrow, I will have my first meeting with the principles behind the Club Madonna party for which I've been tapped to organized. I guess life goes on.


At 6:28 PM, Blogger Ed Grow said...

I don't doubt that you have "some Mexican in you".

The queens at court were beginning to fear that your blogging silence represented something more insidious, say, a legitimate stint in rehab or a (welcome) jail sentence for drunk and disorderly.

Good to hear you doing well and carrying on as always.


At 8:17 PM, Blogger Alexis du Bois said...

Somehow I once again escaped both rehab and jail during Season. Although I probably deserved both, I have lived to lead a more restrained lifestyle (I hope). It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.


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