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Friday, April 23, 2010

Gay Pride at The Victor Hotel 2010

The great Countess Bedelia, head of The Great Northern Court, ruled the day....at least until I came onto the scene.
Stevey--our little cabana boy/host of my my last party--was at last given rank in Society by being "invited". And what a little guest host he was; we adore him.

For some unreasonable thought, Twist had a gay cowboy and Indian theme.

Henrietta helped transport some of the town's most heinous villains in a genuine jail wagon which Twist owner, Richard Trainor, somehow found to rent. I heard it cost thousands to rent for the day, but--as usual--Richard's eye and flair gave us all a laugh.

Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish used the old "chin maneuver"--a practiced perfected by me decades ago, when she spotted the camera. She is with her partner in many Palm Beach crimes, Michael.

It was rumored that Baroness Seitzinger didn't attend the events of the weekend when it was revealed that Countess Bedelia had purchased these ruby earrings for the trip. Nothing unsettles The Baroness like being out-jeweled.
Of course, we all gave a rousing cheer from The Victor's pool patio...

...when the rainbow flag passed by.

It was a glorious, April day for the Victor's pool party. Bob threw two friends in and ended up have to buy two, new Iphones.

By eleven PM, the party--as all do--ended up at our pool. By this time everyone had been partying for nearly twelve hours and it was showing. I had had the good sense to come home and nap until beginning all over again.

And, where-oh-where did Whitney get those hair pins and how did he keep them so perfectly set?


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