"the" Mrs. Astor

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

On Sunday we continued our binge of partying by bringing out Henrietta to Ocean Drive where there are always afternoon drag queens waiting to be adored.
They love to perform on the sidewalk for the enjoyment of the lucky tourists who pass by.
We ran into few old friends, but did see our boy, Dario, from South Africa.
On Sundays, like most other days, all roads lead to Twist; we ended up there for its 6 PM BBQ with Susie. Doctors Brad and George joined us for a night in which we were truly obnoxious; it was so much fun. Terry The Terrible arrived today to officially start "season". This truly scares me as I barely survived last winter's version of fun. Still, we seemed to dodge the hurricane bullet again this year, which gives us all reason for confidence we can survive anything. It is called a Fool's Paradise.


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