"the" Mrs. Astor

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A long recess.... Leopoldo fractured his foot and I contracted one of those summer colds. Although he was out of work for ten days, I mustered up that old, Yankee fortitude to "carry on"; it didn't work and only prolonged the suffering. Somehow we managed to attend every, important event (provoked by Mamie). The future holds no relief: Parties are now forming (in my opinion, a little too early) that will bind the town to, again, excess. Twist's "Turnabout" party on Sept. 1, followed by Henrietts's 56th anniversary party of being on South Beach the day after at Twist, piled on by another half-dozen events, makes for an early beginning to "Season"
Ah, Nurse Georgette, Dr. Brad, and Professor (of music) Doug. This is the perfect group to go to an opera by Wagner with--one of those long ones. When you pass out from boredom, Georgette will administer eye-drops, Dr. Brad will check your blood pressure, and Doug will order an Italian operetta to pick up your spirits. Strength through planning.
We always love running into one of your "legal eagles", Robyn; funny Leo and Robyn look like they might be a little too tipsy. Must be that cider.
Still, some things have not changed. Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish continues to resort to "chin maneuvers" I invented a long time ago (before I resorted to the veil). God bless, her, though...who else would?


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