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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I was called into work today under emergency conditions at the unGodly hour of 8 AM. (Hadn't they already read that the day before that we slept until 3.30 PM, and body clocks are not something to be toyed with?) No harm was done, though; I am always ready to do something my old, New York buddy, Laurie Ketcham, used to tell me: "Tiger, when you have have to, you get back up on that bloody horse and charge!" No truer words were ever taught to me.

There are still some fabulous (actually, more than a few, in my life) people I listen to. One is the unsinkable, ubiquitous, Thomas Barker.
He will be the Toast of The Town on August 15 at The Betsey Ross Hotel in celebration of his birthday. It seems only yesterday that we met up and bonded with a nuclear-minded aim to have fun; he has never disappointed me, and he stood by me through the troubled times and the best. I know my friends.

Speaking of "friends", I had the honor of running into Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish at Twist yesterday, and she had the nerve to loudly pronounce that she had commissioned a "Chum Belt" for me when we venture out on to The Atlantic on The Wilmerding's boat. Little did she know that I have already purchased enough tuna to feed American Samoa to "chum" the waters around--and, I mean AROUND-- her social magnificence. I was once at the "clothing opential" beach on St. Martin when a lifeguard told a friend of mine to take off his diamond pendant as it attracted sharks; seems to me I have a glistening necklace Mamie would look good in (even if such a short while). She is a dear, though; and, I wouldn't want anything to ever happen to someone so close who has that many photos of me. I, mean, it wouldn't be right!

Who made Jaws?



At 12:57 AM, Blogger busycorner said...

We'll take that as a compliment. American Samoa is officially recognized as the "fattest" country in the world by the experts at WHO.

Well, Ms. Chumly, I'm calling it 60,000 pounds or about 150,000 cans of light chunk.

From Pago Pago,



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