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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why I Don't Go Into The Ocean

The Miami Herald had an interesting article today about the dangers of going into the ocean, along with sand, one of the things I abhor. "A little-known, deadly bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus, which naturally occurs in warm coastal waters, can infect the open wounds of beachgoers..." It went on to warn, "According to the Center for Disease Control, Vibrio vulnificus infections prove fatal approximately 50 percent of the time. Victims usually die within 24-48 hours as the bacteria quickly spreads through the bloodstream and begins destroying tissue." Nice.

I have been described as one of those Screaming Mimis about the oceans off of metropolitan areas. Even if the sewer systems work, the run-off alone is enough to cause concern; give me a chlorinated pool any day, rather than an ear infection. Add to this the fact that a major rupture of a sewer pipe spilled a huge amount of poo-poo into Biscayne Bay last week and, that's all I need to stay out of the ocean. (I know that Mamie goes for an ocean swim off of her beach side mansion but, if I had that much alcohol in my system every morning, the ocean would be afraid of me!)


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