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Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy, busy; like the busy bee. I neglected to report that yesterday was our third anniversary; the last six months have been rocky, but have delightfully settled down to the easy-going, bar-hopping, fun times we are used to relentlessly enjoy. We are also getting ready for the birthday party of, perhaps, the most admired and enjoyed bartender on South Beach (and certainly ours), Tommy Decker of Twist's infamous Happy Hour.
The Baroness Seitzinger was ecstatic at the introduction of this hat to her collection, despite my warnings. Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish is so right, "You can't teach these land-locked (Baroness is from Nebraska) people from stepping over the line of vulgarity". How very right, but if PETA doesn't get her won't some hunter as she goes out to pick apples or things like that?
Today is the seventy-fifth anniversary of the parking meter. Seitzinger (before her sainted, though social-climbing mother bought her that title) was on a school trip to NYC with the Future Farmers of America when she photographed me having just pranced out of Bergdorf's marveling one of those contraptions. Funny; it was the first parking meter and still the bureaucrats had not figured out to take the "No Parking" sign off; I mean, wasn't it self-defeating? Well, the parking meter got a quarter for its anniversary, and...
...I got a Prada belt. We celebrate our anniversary and Tommy's birthday tomorrow at--where else--Twist, where every intelligent Beach resident visits every afternoon (and evenings, when they want to be bad....VERY bad).


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