"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A well-known nut-about-town has accused my blog of being the center of a Satanic cult. I mean, truly, my little diary of a life a little off of center might not hold well to a town hall meeting in Tiftin Georgia, but Satanic? Call me jaded, but I almost feel honored. But, no dear, deluded boy, there is nothing to do with Satan here. Idiots who swim in murky lakes and get attacked by alligators--YES--City Hall politicians who take way to much for way to little--yes--precious, young men who make the town lovely to walk in--yes--and, great parties--indeed! But if you really want to accuse me of Satanism, I suggest you convene an Inquisition because I always loved their outfits, if not their mission. Go back to Boston you absolute fool; you are the laughing stock of a town that finds few things as consistently amusing as your nuttiness.


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