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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mr. Astor's birthday party was a great and fun event. I thank all who helped, and pity any who did not attend (you--quite frankly--will never be invited again to anything, again). But, what magic...and it continues today.....
Perhaps the greatest note should always come from those who travel most to toast you. Here we have the most interesting characters in the play, coming from Broward County, Miss Penny and Miss Vicky. What a joy it was to see them, as short of a time it might have been. Of course, that is the Compte La Mot on the right, a true friend and great advisor .
Michael is the only challenger to my tile of Silver Fox. As much as I love him, he has to die.
Mr. Astor proudly present his bunt cake. What a joy he has been, putting with all our madness and actually enjoying it.
The Baroness Seitzinger and I had a "ring -off" as the night began. Admittedly, her ring was very new, like her title,, and mine-well old, like mine. That is the only way we exist without pressure.....She is new money (and well spent publicly) and mine is old....so old that bats fly out as much as they can ( I don't allow mischievous behaviour like that)
Henrietta showed up in an astounding, lime. silk, accordion pleated dress. Call me what you want, but, you can't ask for better.
On top of everything else, there was a bachelorette party going on just across from us. I couldn't help myself not to invite them over to meet the Queen of South Beach; they were beside themselves!
Well, the three queens, David, Victor, and (hmmmmm) was it James?.... Well, we tore the floor up.
General Manager of Twist, Valentino, joined us in the wee hours for some last moment revelry. A true, if somewhat forgetful gentleman, Val is a friend to us all.
And, what night would be complete without a visit by Wire owner, Thomas Barker, and his current bevy of friends. Thomas visited the house briefly this week and we lovingly remembered how much fun we used to have together.....tearing up place after place, drink after drink.....Oh, the fun.

My true devotion is to the birthday of my greatest lover (and true, lover) of all time, Leopoldo; we start again today!


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At 9:53 PM, Blogger NegxicaN said...

Yes, it was James. We had an awesome time meeting all of you. It definitely made our trip well worth it. A blast! xOxO!!!!


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