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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tonight's pool party has begun. I certainly hope this is the end of it, although I am not the spokesperson for natural behaviour. All I can do is sit back and wave it on.
News services from at least three continents have relished the story of anti-gay psychologist, George Rekers', brush with the "H" word, and I don't me Hypocrisy, alone. Rekers insists that he picked his companion for a European trip solely to carry his baggage and that doing such from a known baggage-carrier like Rentboy.com was routine. Admissions in the last 24 hours that the Rentboy performed a daily "sexual massage" for the trip only left the audiences on both sides rolling their eyes. The Miami Herald reported the most unfortunate lapse for the "I'm Right and, therefore, I'm right" clique was the fact that the entire state is in an uproar over the fact that the State of Florida paid this charlatan $120,000 to testify his good knowledge in the State's argument against gay adoption in the state. At least we--as taxpayers--know where the money is going.


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