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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

More photos from Twist's seventeenth anniversary. I've been too busy to keep up with things, but will attend to that. It was--as usual--a magical evening; the open bar didn't hurt the magic, but almost any evening can be, there.

Although I did not photograph the chairs I upholstered in plush (fake) tiger print, the rest of the new "Jungle Room", came out lovely. Previously it had lacked any type of charm, but that has been addressed.
And, no party on South Beach would be complete without our buddy, Kendall (who was very instrumental in the new decoration of the club) . I was having a conversation with another patron about loving lobster. I exclaimed, "I'm from Rhode Island; how could I NOT like lobster?!" Kendall tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, "I'm from Iowa and I love lobster; how do you explain that?" Sometimes, I am speechless.
The ubiquitous Thomas Barker was, of course, in attendance, and--in fact--sitting on the second floor bar for most of the evening. There is no doubt in my mind that soon he will be dancing on it in high heels. It is the way of all flesh.

As we left, we paid a stop at our friend, Frankie's bar (there are seven at Twist); Frankie is one of those Twist bartenders who has worked since it opened so long ago. He is with his new acolyte. Derek; there should be more acolytes like that. I'm thinking of laying off pool boys and only hiring acolytes; I need to think of the ad.


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