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Friday, July 09, 2010

Obviously, I spend a lot of time at Twist. One of the many gems of that adventure is the upstairs, video bar. It has a wonderful selection of screens that constantly provide visual amusement--mostly provided by their VJ, Nathan--and keeps a crowd in place.
Nathan and Mario rule the second floor video bar. They are so natural together that you might think of a 1940's screw-ball comedy--only gay. They command a great audience of admirers.
Mario, of course, has that Latino sensuality that leaves nothing to the imagination, so unlike my New England upbringing. He also has nipples so large that I think they are noted on the Roswell archives.
When I first moved here in 1997, I had no friends, felt alone and depressed, had a job, but was so needy. Nathan had just started working at Twist's happy hour and I stopped in every afternoon. He was/is the most pleasant, delightful, and intelligent being one could every hope to meet. We have been friends ever since, and he has progressed as one of the the most admire VJ's on Miami Beach.


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