"the" Mrs. Astor

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dana and Kendall from the Miami Beach Cinematheque. Without them, we would be in another void; God only knows why The City keeps hindering them.
Henrietta with one of her very favorite (and ours) bartenders at Twist, Karloz. I once asked him, after seeing his name displayed, "Are you Hungarian?" "No", he replied, "I am Colombian and my mother was a "hippie" and spelled it that way." I might not make the national spelling bee test, but I spell it K A R L O Z.
I walked out in the back yard this morning to find that the boy, Juan, attached to this swimsuit was missing. Anyone with a valid ID and information to his whereabouts is granted a title.
Meanwhile, just when you thought you could let your children out, particularly sons, one has to be advised that the evil, twin sister of Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish is lurking around. One can never be too safe in times like these (unless, of course, you work for City Hall).


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