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Monday, July 19, 2010

Last night we attended the twelfth anniversary of Score. I was a little hesitant, but Mr. Astor insisted, and it is only two blocks from the house. Sadly, I can't understand how they could turn a special event like that into something so unremarkable. Just two weeks ago, Twist celebrated its anniversary with seven open bars and great shows; it was very Ancient Rome in its extravagance. Score had the nerve to charge $20 per person and full price drinks in plastic cups. It was--to us--a major disappointment and, I think, a major publicity failure.
It was nice, though, to see old friends like Charlie, and Score did provide adorable outfits for their employees.
God knows, the club tried to be interesting. Michael (on the right), one of the principals in The Queen Cabaret, was so cute. I hadn't seen him in some time and asked if the boy in the blue shirt was his husband. "No", he replied, "My husband is on the other side of the bar. This is my boyfriend." How South Beach.
Door goddess, Asia, certainly was doing her part with those delirious boots. I so wanted her to pose doing the Goose Step and saluting, but she so wanted to be the vixen that I let it go.
Thank God, Mamie is ever-vigilant and found this precious item. I think the inventor of this glass should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


At 3:30 PM, Blogger Jeremiah Andrews said...

Score was always a funny bar. Having worked there myself, they have a particular mindset. It seems that it hasn't changed in all these years.

Stay at Twist. The vibe is much better for you. Hope all is well. Nobody does a party quite like you,m maybe they should have thought about that prior to their own party planning.



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