"the" Mrs. Astor

Saturday, July 24, 2010

After a grueling day at the office and a similar one at Twist's happy hour, I was awarded with a CNN special, Saving The Gulf, with Rob Marciano hosting. What a heartthrob. I cabled The Baroness Seitzinger immediately about it, and she pretentiously cabled back, "He is here with me, right now, and I am licking....."--we need not go any further. I cabled back, "He is only after the title(s)", as dubious as they are. I did cable Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish about how I got to see Rob's armpit as he dressed (knowing this was an area of her great and grand expertise), but she was too involved with a bunch of Palm Beach gangsters to reply.
One of her PB gang is selling his 1983 Rolls Royce on Ebay. Before that goes down, Mamie wants us to don Arab headdress and tool around South Beach; I think that is rather provocative and wonder if we should just go as we are. In my humble opinion, that, alone, is enough.


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