"the" Mrs. Astor

Monday, November 01, 2010

We started out with the traditional dinner on Lincoln Road with the girls. My little Indian was so hot that I had to carry a tazer in my tool belt.
The shocker of the evening was the appearance of the West Virginia relatives of Mr. Stuyvesant-Fish and the Wilmerdings. They kept pestering for drink tickets and attention. Their trailer must have been parked nearby as they kept disappearing for a "refresher". Needless to say, they never got fresher. It was ghastly, simply ghastly.
And, we all knew this must be a very distant relation to Mamie as the real one would never put white cock to her delicate lips.
Our cute little Nathan did his nerd/superhero routine for us.
Hey, there! Oh, I guess it's OK for the Leather Man to handle the merchandise. When you have that much inventory, you have to move it. I am the one who has put up with this each morning.
Contrary to all belief, we didn't over-drink, left together, and engaged in some wild costumed sex (at home this time).


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