"the" Mrs. Astor

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am relieved to report that Lahoma van Zandt, famous entertainer and chanteuse of the last century, survived--with dignity and her usual flair for fashion--the earthquake that struck the eastern seaboard today. She had been arranging her postcard collection and reading fan mail when the tragedy struck; she grabbed the first, practical outfit she could find and immediately started passing out coffee and autographs to the survivors. Once a star, always a star (if a bit past her time).
A collective sigh of relief came over The Beach as we awoke to hear that Irene had turned to the East. Trip to Publix showed no panic-faced citizens grabbing food as if a nuclear; the sailboats in the bay (those on which people live) were still there as were the mega-yachts in their moorings. Of course, this is Florida, and anything can change on a dime; that's why I went shopping today.


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