"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well Barpmess Seitzinger arrived in London a few days ago, and within hours riots started to engulf the city. I opined that it was her big mouth and, not being one to hold back the punches, that incited the population.

Then I hear that when she was presented at Court, she wore that enormous Star of Constantinople (pictured here before a photo of her sainted mother), and The Queen wasn't pleased--unless it had been a present, of ccourse. How she got a audience with The Queen is a mystery, but several rumors circulated about oral sex being performed on The House Guards but, I guess if Lady GaGa can get an audience, anyone can.

Still the gaudy size of Star shocked The Queen, riots began, half of London is experiencing a modern Blitz, and The Baroness is mainly concerning with the china she is being served off of (there's something wrong with all of this). .


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