"the" Mrs. Astor

Friday, December 09, 2011

As everyone knows, I have had a decades-old fascination with drag queens and trannies. I love Saturday nights at Twist for that reason; it seems to bring them all out. They know I love them.
Even the tragic ones.
There are the girls who stick to the classics of managing space...
...and others who just invent something from outer space.
I love a girl who is glamorous and shapely from the front...
...and behind.
Some look like a mirage of Havana in the Fifties.
Some look like a girl I helped with homework in Rhode Island.
There is always a girl who has just come from a pageant.
Some remind me of The Wiemar Republic...
...and, some, of The Bronx . They are always on the tip of the fashion iceberg.
The girls play the latest music, and....
... know all the latest dance steps.
Reigned over by Henrietta, The Queen of South Beach. All bow.


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