"the" Mrs. Astor

Thursday, June 28, 2012

We were all afloat as I entered the Audubon Club with Mr. Astor (his first public appearance in nearly three weeks); there was so much to talk about The Baroness that our mouths were watering so much I thought there might me a remake of The Johnstown Flood.  As we trotted into The Club, who do we see sitting at the corner of the bar but The Baroness.  How could she have known of our plans?  Now, I know that she has one of the pool boys on her payroll.

Obviously, the mood changed immediately and we started to talk about Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish; you have to go with the social flow.  Mrs. S-F finally arrived and received The Baroness with obvious horror.  The Baroness never travels without a superfluous amount of jewels and I tried to swallow her bauble, the Star of the Pond (or Lake, or Sea--I'm never sure what she calls that God-awful gaudy thing), but a gag reflex forced it up.  It lives to be obnoxious still.

We ended the afternoon as always, with a sense of happiness--especially since The Baroness gave us a ride home in her carriage with the fake ducal crests.  The poor thing; she actually told Mrs. S-F that she was ready to go one rung up the the ladder to Duchess.  Mrs. S-F and I both had a laugh wondering how she forgot all the rungs in between.  I mean, we couldn't sleep we laughed so hard.


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