"the" Mrs. Astor

Sunday, July 08, 2012

It has been a listless summer, but Michael Burke continues to be the thorn in City Hall's side.  Perhaps his greatest day was when hundreds of citizens picketed City Hall about the relentless corruption in it's shallow halls.  For some reason Mayor Mattie decided to confront the mob.  Now, call me old fashioned, but even Marie Antoinette wasn't foolish enough to take on a gang of people calling for her head.  But there she was, shouting, "This is nothing but a lynch mob!".  Michael shouted back that it was nothing but a crowd of concerned citizens exercising their first amendment rights, which--of course--went right over her head (which, unlike Marie, she managed to keep).  No worry, the mayor shortly left on a junket to Switzerland to caress the Art Basil crowd.  Meanwhile, the new symphony hall has attracted great praise while every time it rains the entire west end is under two feet of water.


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