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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ernie Glam

I was thinking this weekend about Ernie. He was one of the most beautiful and gifted of The Club Kids; despite his association with Michael Alig, he always was able to see that there was something waiting for him beyond the coke, ecstasy, and crystal. One day, my boyfriend at the time and I took hold of him and nursed him out of a very, very bad drug scene; it took some time, but we knew he was different than the rest of the rabble. Ernie was stronger than most and came out of the madness to pursue a career in journalism; I'll never forget the day I traveled out to Hoboken to meet his All-American new boyfriend as he climbed out of the hole of Clubland. Not to long ago I spoke with him and he had moved on from a job editing for The Village Voice to a local newspaper in New Jersey; he is another who survived the holocaust that was New York club life in the 90's.

Still, at the hey-day of club kingdom, he was one of the best. I'll never forget the Outlaw Party at the MacDonalds' in Times Square when he showed up wearing a cloth face mask with four-inch nails protruding from it; it shocked the shit out of my friends visiting from Boston and, that night is immortalized in the movie, Party Monster.

Just for fun I googled him after writing this and came up with many articles he has written and others about Ernie and all the other Party Monsters I hung around with. Ah, the memories.


At 9:11 PM, Blogger Mr. Brian said...

Mrs. A-

You won't' believe it but I just got that movie (Party Monster) delivered to me from Netflix yesterday. I just watched it and here I find your posting about Michael Alig and that whole Club Kid era. WOW...what a scary coincidence. I was nothing but a school boy when this was all happening, clueless to the my own situation, and the scene in NYC. What an amazing story with such a tragic ending and existence. I really am SO thankful that I never got caught up in drug scene (or even went there). I appreciate my "straight and narrow" lifestyle but can empathize completely as I have lost friends and people I loved to crystal, E, and coke. Even though they're still alive they are never quite the same. When will we get it?

Anyways, I know you've posted about this era before with pictures in stories from the past. So I'm going to brew a cup of coffee and dig through the Astor archives. Thanks for being such a great blogger :)


Mr. B

At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its still totally amazing to me to see how outstanding the makeup and costumes were back then. fan-fucking-tastic! i wonder if there is a club kids photo book???


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