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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Oh la la Paris on a Sunday Morning

I'm getting back into my routine of life again, as boring as that may be. Every Sunday morning I like to indulge in a tiny pastry, a cup of Earl Grey and read Steph and Alek's week of postings on Oh la la Paris. I've long since given up on The Times; too much nasty shit. I'm tired of starving people in the Sudan. (Someone actually told me to finish my dinner this week because "people are starving in Ethiopia". I said, "They've been starving for thirty years; surely there aren't any left.") I'm sick of the war in Iraq (if the idiots in Middle America want their children to continue being killed rather than vote those criminals out of office, so be it.) And I'm sick of the Democrats putzing around like dodos. (If one more jerk comes to me with "I'm going with Kerry again", I'll strangle them--yes, Jeremy, YOU--on the spot.)

Call me shallow, but I like pictures of Prince Harry on a sunny Sunday morning, and Steph and Alek never fail to astound me with their ability to show just what a sexy world we live in. The art directors at Dolce Gabbana must have a ball shooting their ads; the boys show just how well sex sells--at least in Europe. There are so many pretty things out there.


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Babsbitchin said...

Lovely of you to stop by and taste the insanity of it all, it is an acquired taste eclectic and crazy. Love to you both. I tried to sign your guest book but it would not allow me it seems! MWAH!!


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