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Monday, November 05, 2007

Tomorrow marks the end of one season--that of elections and Halloween--and the start of a new one--that of superb weather and lots of visitors. We've all worked hard to elect Matti Bower mayor; I'm proud of the support the gay community showed her and she deserved it. A true sign of desperation from her opponent popped up this weekend with a number of dirty ads unleashed; I doubt people actually pay attention to that nonsense here, but it does show how worried the other side is. My prediction: Matti wins in an upset by a few hundred votes.

We are all tired and I fall back on my honey, Leopoldo, for comfort. He informed me this weekend of his decision to move in with me on January 1; I would move to the end of the earth for that man, but that's not necessary now. The word "forever" has been spoken frequently this past week.


At 9:54 PM, Blogger Jeremiah Andrews said...

You are steadfast in your loyalty and your minions support you just the same. I hope Matti Wins after all the hard work you guys have put forth. She is blessed to have friends like you and yours.

Forever huh!! hmmm... We are going to have to register your pattern now!

I wanted to say hello!


At 1:36 AM, Blogger Ed Grow said...

I can imagine you two girls right now: passed out at noon on New Year's day, still wearing your stilettos and wigs from the night before, poor Kiki entangled in bedraggled streamers and having to "throw together" his own alligator-quiche in order to stave off hunger pangs.

What a pair you will make indeed. Love (as always).


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