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Sunday, December 16, 2007

We could have torn up the town last night, since today is one of Mr. Astor's rare Sunday's off, but we didn't. We went to Twist where Carl was vocalizing his concern about being thrown out of The Palace while attending a drunken hazing by the owners and I piped up that I had been thrown out of Twist on a New Years Eve years ago and Scottie threw in his two cents about being thrown out of The Deuce. THAT'S quite the topping as The Deuce is the biggest, dirtiest dive in town.

I did get to see Juicy P. perform in a couture black, beaded gown that Leopoldo designed and made years ago in San Francisco; it gave me a warm feeling to see art being relived. We are going downtown today to buy fabric for the Burgie number. There seems no way Leopoldo will allow me not to perform "Clumsy" for him at the Christmas party; I've been practicing for him privately and that only seems to make him hungrier to see me in heels again. A woman, even one of such social magnitude as myself, has to do what she needs to in order to keep her man happy. Late last night we attended the Christmas party of Captain Marc of the Poles; there were so many elegant lesbians there I thought I was at the launch of She Magazine.

We will arrive at The Palace in winter white early evening wear today at 5 PM. It is no time to be laid back; Season is about to begin.


At 10:14 PM, Blogger Showtune said...

ouch. not a word about showtune's appearance at the palace on friday? Wow, gone AND forgotten! Maybe Broward county really is where the elephants go to die. :(


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