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Saturday, December 01, 2007

We celebrated our victory with the new mayor. At one point I said, "Matti..." and Douglas corrected me with, "She is The Mayor, now", at which point I bowed and said,"I'm sorry, I meant Madame Mayor" to which Matti laughed and said, "No, 'Matti Mayor'". I love her.
Still, someone said that the night was too starchy and formal and I showed them a text from Jeremy that said, "I was dressed 4 halo but was unhappy with my shoes so im going 2 palace". And, quite right. One can wear flipflops with a tuxedo, or combat boots with a suede, fringe skirt and you will not get a second glance; anything goes.
There is no surprise that the dark and sinister forces of fun at The Palace and, particularly The Queen Cabaret, hold the fascination of the town. We continue to monopolize the early evening.

Some how, we continue to defy gravity. At Thursday's bingo we won the first three of the four games; the first was fun with Leo distributing the drink tickets to friends, but then on the second and third games we thrusted the winning games to neighbors for fear of hearing "fix" again. But, then, everyone deserves a chance to fly.


At 12:34 AM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

Jeremy: The wrong shoes! I love it!!!!

Keep on defying gravity....free falling is fun!


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