"the" Mrs. Astor

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving...and am I Thankful

A formidable, social pair, Mr. Astor and Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish enjoying our pool-side Thanksgiving dinner. I don't let a day go by without thanking the gods for knowing great friends like this. I have had them all my life: noble and fun friends who have graced my existance.
The representation of everthing bad and evil (of course, in black), Micky Phelps finishing dinner an planning, plotting....

Fashion soul mates if there ever were. Terry and Leopoldo have enough Prada, Gucci, and whatever to sink a battleship. Leopoldo has already taken over 90% of my closet space reducing me to wearing half-outfits and even thinking of hot pants as a way of continuing through life.

The last picture ever taken of Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish before she disappeared. We dredged the pool only to find her triple-strand of pearls; her magnificent body was not attached. The only proper thing to do was to contact Interpol with the great authority that she was kidnapped by the Bulgarian Secret Police (I know, for a fact, they have been after her for a long time).


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