"the" Mrs. Astor

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The temperature plunged into the 40's last night and, as I have mentioned before, the cold-blooded residents of Miami run--right to the fur vaults of Bal Harbour. Since this type of weather occurs only two or three times a year, it is impossible not to make the most of it, and the fur (and leather) was flying last night. The Great Northern Court was delayed at the Boston Airport, but--as we all know--the show must go on. And the star, of course, was the great Henrietta wearing (PETA will kill me) three furs of various style and make. She has to be forgiven as she is from another era (she also had enough jewelry on to open a boutique). The new owners took time to chat with her and got their first glimpse of SOBE glamour and, as usual, we all trotted over to Twist where Henrietta holds HER court. By thee time Terry, Leopoldo, and I left it must have been 30 below, but we couldn't feel it.


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