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Friday, April 18, 2008

It has been a non-stop whirlwind of nightly parties. This is typical of April, the month that Season actually ends; many pack up and ready themselves for the move up North, but not without partying every night. I think it was the French ambassador to Imperial Russia, Maurice Paleologue, who described the final winter season in St. Petersburg by saying the match burns brightest just before it goes out. Twist once again hosted the fact that I was still around another year.

That haughty social wind bag, Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish, continued to complain about the 21-gun salute she said awoke her; I informed her that the ship was actually trying to hit her mansion on Ocean Drive.

I love celebrities who try that old ruse of not wanting their photo taken while not actually covering their face. Here, Geraldine arrives, and it is worth noting that she, FernanDcute, and Puscilla are hosting a new brunch at Gem every Sunday, 11 to 4 PM. For some reason (there are many) fun, drag day events faded away years ago here on South Beach.

Scott and Carlos were there...

...as well as that sharp-tounged interior designer, Michael Katz.

I had to stand on a milk carton to plant a thank you kiss on the cheek of Captain Marc of the old Polish guard.

Shenanigans are always in abundance with FernanDcute and Geraldine. We will all be attending the inaugural Sunday brunch at Gem this weekend. It's entitled The Girlie Brunch.

Last year Edison threw his birthday bash the same night as mine; this year we wisely held them two days apart.
I avoided having the obligatory cake and opted for cupcakes, instead. By that point in the evening Kendal was helping hold be up. Others weren't so lucky.

Stephen and Luis arrived early; Luis always makes himself available to help.

The lovely, and kooky, George kept Dr. Brad on a short leash as usual. The gave me a fabulous shirt that I wore the next night to yet another birthday party at Twist.

Miss Vicky drove down all the way from Palm Beach with a delicious blueberry coffee cake, so I let her hug Leopoldo for a while. (I carefully watched that nothing was slipped into his drink as I believe this woman would love to Shanghai him away.)

Mark and Mark (or Mark squared).

And, what could make me happier than having the members of the old, 7th Gay Cavalry together again. Those glory days are long gone, but these guys are not.
The legendary Geraldine was shining--as usual-- all night.

I got many wonderful cards and presents, but the best one of all was the one I picked out myself nine months ago. (I seem to be on tippy-toes for this kiss, too!) Many many thanks to Twist, Henrietta who make some of the most delicious food, and my wonderful friends.


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Tosca15 said...

What a wonderful party it was! It was a pure delight seeing everyone.

Don't worry Missy, I promise I have no plans to turn Leo to the dark side, lol. Besides with you for his wife, why would he? I simply enjoy objet d'art.

Thank goodness Thomas had the good sense to squish me into a cab at some point, to get back to the 17th St. garage. I was really looped. How I drove myself home, I really don't know or remember, but I did. The last time I felt like that several months ago, the Countess and I had spent hours prowling Las Olas, to no avail.

At 3:11 PM, Blogger Countess Bedelia said...

What a great party and so many familiar faces....I wish I was there. Wise to watch Miss Vickie, though. She is tricky!

Happy Birthday, Alexis!

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Mr. B said...

What happy pictures. That is the South Beach I miss.


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