"the" Mrs. Astor

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Queen Cabaret launched a Sunday Brunch the past weekend entitled The Girlie Brunch and we must have caught the girls by surprise as we arrived earlier than most people who stayed out at Twist as long as we did the night before.

I loved FernanDcute’s coffee mug (although it was never established beyond a reasonable doubt that there was—indeed—coffee in it.

Puscilla wasted no time at all in cozying up to Mr. Astor; a lady of society must overlook things like this. Showgirls will always linger, like a cough.

It was hard to overlook, though, the praying mantis dolls that Geraldine had on her legs under that vintage, patchwork, floor-length skirt. I couldn't help but as just where she had found Cher's thrift store from the Sixties.

The brunch took place a Gem, a beautiful club and restaurant in the long-ignored section of lower Washington Avenue; this area is enjoying a rebirth of sorts brought on by high rents in the tourist areas and the fact that many of these clubs have existing liquor licenses.

The incomparable Geraldine, FernanDcute, and Puscilla did a wonderful job entertaining the varied crowd during this opening brunch, and I was struck at how reasonable the menu prices were considering the propensity to over-charge for everything here on South Beach. Thomas Barker was in attendance with his retinue as was photographer David Lee Johnson with his.

Gem has been renovated and seems to be realizing decent business, much like the nearby Dek 23 where good friend, Dustin Refka, holds his Sunday night party, Click. With several new restaurants and bars now in the area, too, it is quite possible to imagine spending a Sunday on lower Washington (an idea that would have evoked laughter a year or so ago).


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