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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Times

More photos of Leopoldo's birthday celebration.
Almost one year ago, I made a wrong turn while in a hurry and bumped into him; it's been a glorious journey ever since. What made the forces line up to make that happen, to meet such a handsome, generous, sexy, kind, and intelligent man (and, one who adores me in a dress and high heels)?
Sincere thanks to Twist's owner, Richard Trainor, for turning over the bar for this party; in the ten years I've known him, he has always been a ball of energy and fun. We also thank his GM, Valentino, for all the work he has done to make these parties elegant and fun.

Doctors Brad and George prescribe love as the best medicine (if that isn't enough Vicodine will do).

My fashionista.

The endless input and energy of Luis helped me through surprise bumps in the night.

His boyfriend, Steven Stewart and designer and entrepreneur, Phillip Morris, lent a helping hand and inspiration.

"Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup "

Real club stars, Geraldine and DJ Leo.

And, as always, true, blue Jeremy.

The gang. Most of us have been hanging together for three years. Great friends, great times.


At 1:35 AM, Blogger Tosca15 said...

The mind is boggled at the blessed amounts of love and happiness in your life. What a joyous evening.

Pics of Minn. to follow in a few days.


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