"the" Mrs. Astor

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've listened for days on how the Bush administration has been quickly maneuvering to implement laws to protect their interests in the final weeks of their ill-gotten power. Presidential orders, GOP-lead congressional passages are all making their way to the finish line like a Derby afternoon. It seems like the final pangs of a world about to end, but about to impose their final thoughts upon a nation tired and fed up with them.

My proposal: The military immediately arrests the entire Bush administration in a declaration of emergency, sends them to their ranches and ski lodges (without being shot) and either maintains the government payroll for two months themselves or immediately brings in the new administration. Forget the "blanket" pardons now being devised by the criminal Bush; it is heartening that most judicial lawyers believe you can't pardon yourself or and entire mass of flunkies who did your bidding. Desperate times need desperate measures. We have been brought to our financial knees by these thieves and liars; without retribution, the nation will drift for years looking for answers. The best answer are quick trials and a scaffold.


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