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Friday, December 26, 2008

It's over and it has just begun. Season, that is. No one knows just how busy we will be this year, but there aren't many tropical destinations in The States. Sooner or later the cold gets to everyone.
Every available seat had to be found for our Christmas Eve feast. It stretched from the kitchen..
...to the dining room. Terry and his sister made a great roast beast dinner and I made banana cream pie and brownies.

We rode all around town Christmas morning; it was balmy with a strong wind off the ocean. The streets were full of European tourists. One of the more schlocky holiday items is the menorah made of sea shells on Lincoln Road...

...and--of course--a dradel.

After many toasts at Twist while watching I Love Lucy, we raced over to The Palace to make our date with The Queen of South Beach, Henrietta. We exchanged gifts and saw some of our old friends.

The relentless Thomas Barker really shouldn't have been out with a major benefit lined up for the evening, but--as I've noted before--I don't think he actually ever sleeps anyway.
We Shanghaied Henrietta out of there and brought her back to the holiday celebration at Twist. None of us remember very much of the second visit to Tommy Decker, but we did come away with some fierce gifts from le Compte La Mot and his lovely wife, Doris.

Today will bring some realignment of our forces as we ready to unleash an all out assault on the town starting tomorrow night and probably lasting through New Years. The week between Christmas and New Years is the official start of Season and, it is like a starter's pistol which signals everyone here to race--to the nearest party.


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