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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I couldn't sleep after Mr. Astor left, so I grabbed the broom (bike) and took off for a beach ride. None of the city residents were there (except for those who passed out) and there were a few tourists power-walking, but mostly it was warm and absolutely gorgeous. Every time I open my eyes, I realize why I love living here.
It was so relaxing to see the beach and its walk beautiful and serene.

It is Art Deco Weekend and it has been graced by unusually good weather; it was too early for the booths to be open.

My uncle has a Packard like this one, on which he has spent a life restoring. I think the color scheme is a bit awkward, but did notice it had the same signature mohair upholstery inside.

Spec's--or in recent years known as FYE (For Your Entertainment)--had been the center of the music and video universe here. It not only offered every type of entertainment in those areas known to mankind, but was as fascinating and hot as any club on a Saturday night. It closed its doors this week with a mammoth sale. I felt like a vulture, scooping up music CD's that at $60 a 4-set would have made me think, but at 75% off, made me be--well a vulture. I walked out with so many CD's that it even made my shopaholic husband gasp; but, sometimes you have to feed off of old friends.

Interestingly, Joe's Stone Crab--a legendary (and expensive) restaurant here--offered Beach residents a free dinner if they presented their pink slip. A large group of the Bal Harbour refuges had a dinner there yesterday. We are witnessing the new millennium's version of the soup kitchen.

Just in case...you had better know the rules.

Carl Fisher created this island on a whimsy based upon a wish. Basically, anything goes and is accepted if it has the ability to create interest and fun. This is one of my favorite apartment buildings in the area called SoFi (South of Fifth).

And, if I lived in a building like this, I would expect to enter through a door like this.

Why not be crazy, when you can be? There was a sign of vacancy outside; a year ago that would have been a wish list.

The Miami Beach High School Beach Gymnasium has received a new coat of creamsicle (?) color.

Carl Fisher built Espanola Way as a way to prove to America that the 1926 hurricane, which devastated the island with a 30 foot wall of water, would not impede his vision of Miami Beach being an island of whimsy and fun. Today, one whole block of it is for sale, and has been for months.


At 5:43 PM, Blogger Brad said...

What a wonderful place to live. You are indeed very lucky.


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