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Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday will give to this kooky town the annual Dachshund Festival. It is one of the most unique events of South Beach and we meet tonight to iron out the final details.
Kim was the guest of honor at Baroness Seitzinger's elaborate affair. The most amazing thing about her--apart from her belief that she could get away with pawing my man--is that she has three grandchildren. Girl! You look good, but don't make me go ghetto; I'll cut you!

I had tea with Pimpernel and Mrs. Stuyvesant-Fish yesterday. Both were quacking away, Pimpernel about numbers, Mamie about the world as she sees it. She showed me a photo she took earlier in the day of the back of a 1960 Eldorado, snipping that it reminded her of my rear end.

If there has ever been any doubt concerning my contention that Mamie's non-stop gibberish can put a standing man asleep, I present Exhibit A.


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